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On 2/6/00 a visitor wrote:

I was already a Christian, but when I sent for the free stickers I decided to look at your entire website. After reading the steps for establishing a relationship with Jesus, I realized I had once again reverted to the sinful ways of my past that I had tried so hard to overcome. As I read, chills spread over me and I knew Jesus had led me to you. I wanted to thank you for showing up in my life when I needed a strong reminder that I was falling from faith.

On 4/15/00 a visitor wrote:

I picked up my Bible for the first time in many years yesterday. Today by accident I found this web page. I feel Jesus is speaking to me in some way. I have had several signs/events in my life lately that has lead me to believe this..... I know He's been here all along..... I guess I've finally chosen to listen.  Thank you.

On 5/3/00 a visitor wrote:

I have not been saved through your website. I however have been saved on my own at my church. I spent 21 years living the ways of the world, the ways of satan. I'm not proud of this, but I committed almost every sin known to man (except murder and rape and incest). I lied, cheated, stole, condemned, cursed, even cursed God, I had so much hatred in me I even scared myself, I even hated myself. I was for myself and nobody else, drank, took drugs, thought the whole world owed me something. But in November 1999 my whole world crashed around me, I almost lost my wife, kids, lively hood due to my ignorance. I went to God in prayer in front of family and friends, and accepted the Lord as my own personal savior, I gave my life to him. I left him in my heart and soul. My life has changed greatly from this, its still not "peaches and cream", but things are so much better. God never promised uncloudy days in our lives, but he makes it much, much easier when times are troubled because when we accept him and turn our lives over to him he stands and walks with us every step of the way. And I know he's with me, I know it!!!  And I'm PROUD of it, and feel much better. My life has changed, and its for the better. I found your website by accident actually, and it has been a great inspiration to me. I am not a man of means (not much money) and cannot send a donation right now, but I've touched the hand of God and I know he will make it possible for me to do things like that soon.  In the mean time, keep up the great website, and May God Bless!!

On 5/31/00 a visitor wrote:

I just wanted to tell you about the impact the sticker is having that you sent me and that I just ordered a couple more, because I've been asked on how they can get a sticker for their auto (non-PC users).
I received the Lord back in '87 and He has made my whole life different since then. Its cost me a great deal as for relationships with friends & family, but its been well worth the cost.  People simply don't understand that Jesus is real, alive, and still doing wonderous things for people. Hes not some far away God that can't be reached or spoken to. They don't even realize that He wants a relationship with us, to meet our needs, or that He simply loves us so much.  People, through their organized denominations make Him an unreachable God, which is so sad.  But I understand it, because I was there myself.
Jesus is so wonderful !!! And I thank Him for all that He did for me on the Cross & continues to do for me to this day.  JESUS LIVES!!!

Have a wonderful day in the Lord..

On 6/5/00 a visitor wrote:

I have recently finished my confirmation in the methodist church. I have realized that God loves me for who I am. Also that he will forgive us and love us not matter what we do.  I have also have started attending my youth meetings. We were on a retreat and the theme was "Be still and know that I am God". It was an experience that I will remember all my life. We were blind folded and led through the woods. I knew that God was by me and I had trust in the leaders guiding us. It was the first time that I trusted people to lead me without me being able to see. It was as almost that God was leading me on the journey of my new life.  During that retreat I learned more about God. During that trip I also feel that I have a closer relationship with God. That no matter what I have done I can ask for forgiveness and I will receive. Also he will still love me for who I am. I know that I don't read the bible as much as I should but I am going to try to make it an daily ritual.
I went to your website through an e-mail from my friend. I read through the saving part of a christian. I have not been saved in a church but I feel that I have been still. I prayed to God that I accept Jesus Christ as my savior and that I need him to guide me through my journey of life. And that I love him! Also that I am sorry for the sins I have committed. Thank you so much for the help that you have given me!

On 6/8/00 a visitor wrote:

I called the 1-888-need him number and was saved. I thank your site for helping me get saved! Now I can tell others how to get saved. Again, thank you. Love your  site!!!!

On 6/8/00 a visitor wrote:

My husband and I are going through a lot right now trying to get pregnant.
I did fertility shots this month and am waiting to take a pregnancy test on June 14. I started bleeding yesterday and became really angry with God. We have been praying for a baby for such along time now and I become angry when I hear about abortions and young girls leaving their babies to die along a road or in a trash can. Your website helped me so much this afternoon. I know that I need to trust God and that I am only seeing a small view of what is happening in my life. I am more at rest right now, and I wanted to thank you. Please keep me and my husband in your prayers...the power of prayer works!!!

On 7/18/00 a visitor wrote:

I was on the web today when I had an urge to come here.  I found how to become a christian and am happy to be in the family of God!!!!  May God bless your work and expand your ministry.  May Jesus have the glory forever!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!L

On 7/23/00 a visitor wrote:

I don't know if this where I should be sending my response to your website to be placed in the testimonial section, but i'm going to tell you how I feel about your website.  I'm deathly afraid of this new internet era and the devil it's breeding.  I will not get a computer due to the simple fact that world is absolutely inindated with this satanic dot com jibberish, but for the love of god I was rescued when I saw this website! You guys have truly changed the way I will look at this monitor emitting the electric devil into each and everyone our brains. Now I know how Jesus has the power to change anything and everything, including the internet.  Thank you. 

On 08/06/00 a visitor wrote:

I want to thank you for being here as a testament to the power of Jesus. I was saved a number of years ago, but since that time had back slidden. Recently I was traveling down Interstate 4 in Central Florida and seen a powerful billboard sign that brought me to your web site...Now I am on my way back to the Flock to be with our shepherd Jesus, I now share this site to everyone that Jesus brings my way. Thank you again...Bless you all...

On 09/30/00 a visitor wrote:

I would just like to thank you for your website. I've been saved for about three years now. This last year has been one of the hardest in my life. I almost lost my whole family and my house, because of the careless things I've done. My family had thought for almost the entire year that our money situation was fine and I've been paying all the bills. Well, it wasn't and I didn't. I had let Satan back into my life and pretty much pushed God to the back. I had lied to my family for a long time before it finally blew up in my face about 2 weeks ago, and even after we had gotten the money to pay what I was behind on the house I still didn't want God to take care of it. I guess I lost my faith in Him. This has been a very stressful time for my wife. She has lost all trust in me. I can't blame her either for all the lies I had told her. I had found your website from one of my daughters friends. She had given us one of your stickers to put on our car and I thought I would check it out I'm glad I did to, but after seeing your web site and asking Jesus back into my life I know we will be okay, as long as we keep putting our faith in Him. I need to make a lot of changes in my life and I now realize that I can't make them without Him. Thank you.

On 12/07/00 a visitor wrote:

Praise God for your site!!!!!!!
I have been working for Jesus, for the past 5 years, as the Director of Facilities, at a homeless shelter, with an in house, drug & alcohol program.
In late October, very frustrated, by the way my "Christian" coworkers behaved, and feeling, that there was not much Jesus, where I worked...I walked away from my job & Christ.
After arriving at your site, I have rededicated my life to Christ!!!!!!!
I pray you may be blessed, and bring others to Him!

Consumed by His call,

On 01/26/01 a visitor wrote:

I have just received the Lord as my Savior and I feel like a new person and
I want to thank you for helping me do that.

On 03/05/01 a visitor wrote:

I received your bumper sticker from a freebie site on the internet.  When I received it I put it on my closet door in my room and it was there for several weeks and then one morning I felt God told me that before I do anything that day I should go to the website.  I then signed onto your site site and read it over and decided to commit my life to Jesus Christ.  Thank you for your site!

On 04/23/01 a visitor wrote:

I'm a 14 year old boy. I was worried that God wouldn't accept me anymore, I was depressed, and unhappy with myself. That was 5 minutes ago. I just went on your fabulous site, and re-committed myself to Jesus. I think your Idea is brilliant, and I thank you with all my heart.
Thank You

On 05/23/01 a visitor wrote:

I just got saved on your site and I want to thank you very much.

On 10/10/01 a visitor wrote: 

I saw your bumper sticker on the back of a car in the parking lot.  I felt the Lord speaking tom me so I went to the website and followed the steps to be a Christian.  Thank you!

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