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We are a small group of people that are excited about our relationship with Jesus and how he has transformed our lives.   Because of the great changes he has made in our lives we are excited to share the good news of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible.  The internet is a great medium to spread the news and to reach people that are lost and hurting but are unwilling to go to a church.   On this website we offer a clear and understandable way to begin a relationship with Jesus.  It is our hope and prayer that people that are uncomfortable about sharing the gospel will lead their friends to this website to give them an opportunity to get right with God.  May God bless you richly!

If you would like to make a donation toward the printing, processing and mailing of the stickers you are welcome to send donations to:

Above & Beyond Ministries

16635 Noyes Ave

Irvine, CA 92606

Please e-mail us if you have any suggestions at 

Above & Beyond Ministries     Irvine, California, USA
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